Remarkable Things Coming Soon

We know there is a lot of eagerness to learn more about the progress of HTC Vive. Following this week’s update, we’d like to provide a little more information for our Vive enthusiasts, partners and fans alike.

The Vive team has been working around the clock with developers all over the world to create content across numerous genres and applications. We are passionately committed to not only growing the ecosystem of developers but also to delivering a virtual reality experience that is second to none. That’s why we’ve announced that another 7,000 developer kits will be distributed in early 2016. We want the library of virtual content available to be as rich and robust as possible when it’s time to send Vive to your doorstep. While the industry is developing at an incredibly fast pace, our focus continues to be on ensuring you receive the best possible experience, with no compromise.

Regarding the depth and breadth of content that can be expected, we are looking at a wide variety of different VR content, from games to experiences, and beyond. We are working to ensure every piece of content put out will provide the incredible experience made possible through the room-scale technology of the HTC Vive, and we’re striving for perfection.

We are proud to have recently co-hosted a symposium with Professor Neil Martin, Chair of the Neurosurgery Department at UCLA, who is widely recognized as one of the best neurosurgeons in the world. Along with several attending medical professionals, he emphasized how HTC Vive can transform the training of future medical students, especially in the area of dissection, by helping to reduce the dependency on cadavers for dissection, which is currently estimated at 30-40 per med student). Vive simulates real life situations and medical crises, providing better training for students and improving patient outcomes. Attendees who experienced the Vive at this event were very inspired and felt that the virtual reality experience HTC delivered far exceeded their expectations.

HTC Vive_group photo


On top of the multitude of games and experiences, we are also looking forward to the ‘Vive Unbound’ event in Beijing next week. This comes on the back of a successful roadshow in the US, where we have had the pleasure of engaging and inspiring more than 18,000 Vive enthusiasts in 20 cities and on 19 campuses. This journey will continue into the new year with a very exciting show at CES followed up by the Valve Content Showcase in Seattle.

Please follow us through the upcoming ‘Vive Unbound’ event in Beijing and the CES show in Las Vegas, where more details about the next wave of developer kits will be revealed.

We feel incredibly lucky to be working in the virtual reality space and bringing the endless possibilities of HTC Vive to life.

  • Sneakyghost

    I like that idea about surgeon training. Being in a special education and care taking profession myself I keep returning to thoughts about the Vive as a means to shield people with autism from sensory overstimulation, sort of using it for the opposite of what it is meant to do – overstimulation. I am trying to figure out a way to use it to create a quiet world entirely shielding people for an amount of time to help them shut down permanent sensory overload, adrenaline, panic levels. I’d love to have a Vive in my workplace to research experience with focus on therapeutic effects. Not limited to but mostly aimed at autism.
    I myself like it as a toy and can’t wait to play with it, yet I am strongly assuming we’re on the verge of a new therapeutic instrument and I’m watching that closely. And I wish you, HTC, that you are going to choose your partners wisely, so that you don’t waste a great, great potential that might far exceed the realm of toy gadgets…
    Good luck!

  • Jodie Lopez

    So excited about this launch. Really great to hear you are working hard to get lots of experiences developed as well as games. And the potential for applications such as the medical aspect is just wonderful. It’s like the future has arrived!

  • Daniel

    More regular blog updates like this is much appreciated!

  • felixcox

    Thanks for this update. As you surely know, HTC said just last month that they were on schedule for a limited 2015 release. I know I speak for many consumers when I say we are very disappointed with the secrecy of this delay, which must have been known about for weeks. Yet HTC decided to keep its potential customers uninformed. Then HTC announced this delay with not a single apology about its false statements about a 2015 release- not cool! Anyway, I’ll probably buy the product, but this company lost lots of good will by deciding to deceive its biggest fans. Dick move. To be clear, delays are fine and even expected with emerging technology. But deception is not cool. It’s unnecessarily rude.

  • morten ensrud

    When will HTC vive be available in Norway ?

    • Jeppe

      Most likely in April as it is the global release time

  • http://www.instagram.com/rramos76 Ryan Ramos

    Really excited about this. I had a chance to experience vive over the summer and it’s one of those things that you can’t explain. It’s that good. But I’m looking forward to vive going beyond gaming. Like visiting a country on the opposite side of the world using Vive! Or watching a sporting event right from the sidelines.

  • Sujay Kadrekar

    Great! HTC is taking Virtual Reality to a whole another level. It’s implementation in the medical field is remarkable. The reach of VR is ever-widening and there are many more things to be achieved as this technology progresses. It is great HTC has dedicated it’s resources to Virtual Reality which is now proven to be much more than just gaming. I’m sure that the Vive is going to develop Virtual Reality in a way no one else has thought.

  • http://droidagency.com/ Afnan

    VR is the future. HTC has jumped into VR at the right time with the VIVE, it’s already a critically acclaimed and the best VR headset out there. HTC just need to put the price right this time so that we can see the same success in sales numbers as well.

  • Daniel Klempat

    I don’t try the Vive by myself yet but I like to see how VR get useful in our life’s, not only in games. I bet it will be a great time to see it completely integrated in our daily life’s.

  • https://twitter.com/RealBusterDog Buster

    VR is going to be massive in the next few years. Glad to see HTC driving the technology and the industry forward!

  • Ian Fong

    It is really true that the potential for HTC Vive is limited by your imagination. The applications for this product is limitless. I think VR has definitely been only viewed as a gaming device because the gaming industry has been pioneering this technology for quite sometime. It is only now that we realize the impact that it can have in other industries like medical devices or other areas of the entertainment industry where an immersive experience is required. The ability to involve more than just your sight or your auditory senses is changing the way we experience content, information, and life. Some of the applications that I see for the VR system is shopping, training for combat or risky situations, exploring, and creating/designing products/movies/buildings. I am truly excited for what HTC Vive will bring and look forward to industries beginning to realize the potential and the possibilities that VR can bring.

    • Jeppe

      The first VR comedy show have already been held in the social platform called VRChat, gaming is far from the biggest thing in VR right now it is actually social spaces that are biggest

  • http://mostlythis.com Mac Morrison

    I’m very excited to see the vive come out of demo and onto users heads, I tried it out at a microsoft event in london recently and it blew every other VR headset I’ve tried out o the water. great work HTC.

  • Raul Lugo

    Half life 3 pls

  • jmendenhall80

    Checked out VIVE at MusicfestNW this year. I could see a ton of educational uses for it

  • Amit Shah

    Experienced the Vive! Its just mind boggling. Good to see Vive gearing up & all the various amazing VR possibilities.


    Super exciting news. The Vive is going to be a game changer. (Pun Intended)

  • RockstarRepublic

    HTC is on track with being a poorly run company. Did Valve screw up by partnering with them? They are taking consumers for granted. A lack of information, no real transparency on the development… no consumer version even depicted much less talked about. You are practically letting Oculus run with no serious competition.

    • Jeppe

      What do you mean? They have a consumer release scheduled for April and a lot of good upcomming titles

      • RockstarRepublic

        You mean the same consumer release that was scheduled for 2015? And its not just a release that missed its target, but a reveal of the design itself. Absolutely no information and practically very little consistency. As for the upcoming titles… thank Valve, not HTC. Cmon now… HTC’s future is questionable and they are not doing a good job at competing with Oculus on a PR/Information front. Not entirely an Oculus fan, but letting them have a whole quarter with no competition is not very smart.

        • Jeppe

          Of course people should also thank valve, it is not an HTC product it is a valve/HTC product

    • SnazzyD

      I’d love to hear your thoughts now that your beloved Oculus has delayed the launch of their Touch controllers until late 2016. VR without 1:1 tracked controllers is a poor experience…something even Palmer himself went on record as saying a year or so ago. Now it will be the Vive that is out with a complete and amazing offering up to EIGHT MONTHS before Oculus has anything similar to offer. But not to worry, nobody expects accountability from a troll…

      • RockstarRepublic

        Not a fan of Oculus but since its merely a peripheral rather than the actual HMD, it doesnt really have that much impact. Its one thing to delay a secondary (emphasis) input device, another to delay the actual display itself. I give credit to Oculus for being far more open about the development process along with having local conventions going over the technology. They have facebook’s backing (which is part of why I dislike them) after being a successful kickstarter… same cannot be said for HTC who has been making some pretty poor business decisions. Oculus has far more luxury at release schedule and appeal than HTC does atm.

        With the delay on controller, Oculus at least revealed the new design and look. What do we have from HTC? We dont even know what the commercial version will look like yet much less its input device.

  • Patrick

    So excited for when this becomes available to the public!