HOW-TO: Save Time with Google Now on Tap on Your HTC One A9


When Google announced Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the newest version of their Android OS, there seemed to be one feature that caught more attention than any other: Google Now on Tap. That’s because this simple feature allows you to save a ton of time by providing useful information and short cuts about what matters to you the most right now. For those of you with an HTC One A9, you may already know how useful this (not-so) little feature may be.

So what exactly is Google Now on Tap? It’s simple. Google Now on Tap analyzes the content on your device’s screen and serves up relevant information to you about whatever topic you’re looking at. Ultimately, it simplifies your experience by removing the need to copy and paste text on a screen and then switch apps to find more contextual information. It’s useful for times when you want to know, “What time is that movie playing?” or “How do we drive there?”

Let me explain the usefulness of Google Now on Tap with a real-world example. Imagine you’re texting  a friend about going to a specific movie later this evening. In this case, Google Now on Tap will analyze the information on screen and pull up additional relevant content about that movie including things like a description of the film, cast information, among other things.  Alternatively, if you’re discussing going to a specific restaurant, it’ll present info about the nearest restaurant options, provide star ratings and more.

The best part is that Google Now on Tap is really simple to use; just press and hold the home button and Google Now on Tap will get to work.

To get started with Google Now on Tap, keep reading.

How to activate Google Now on Tap on an HTC One A9

Note: Before starting, 1) sign into your Google account and 2) make sure location services is on.

To get set up with Google Now on Tap, follow these steps:

  1. On the Home screen, tap the app grid at the bottom of the screen and then find and tap Google.
  2. Tap the three-line dropdown menu > Settings > Now cards.
  3. Tap Now on Tap and then tap Turn on.

How to use Google Now on Tap

Now that we’re finished with the Google Now on Tap setup, let’s start using this useful feature.

  1. On the current app you’re in, press and hold the home button. Google Now on Tap will analyze the content on the screen and show a card with information, apps or actions related to the searched item or location.
  2. Tap an item on the card to view more information or perform an action. You can also say, “Ok, Google” and say what you want to know about the searched item or location.
  3. To hide the information cards and return to the screen, press the back button.

The 3 Best Ways to Use Google Now on Tap

In my experience using Google Now on Tap, I can genuinely say that I’ve found it to be a very useful feature.  So what are the best ways to use it? Here are three best ways I’ve found to use Google Now on Tap on your HTC One A9:

1. Making plans with a friend or family

It’s useful because:

  • Google Now on Tap provides restaurant reviews and navigation to your destination (when applicable).
  • It also supports other apps, so, for example, if you have OpenTable on your A9, it’ll let you instantly switch to the app to make a reservation (if available).

2. Researching topics you discover on social media

It’s useful because:

  • Friends or family members are always talking about a variety of things on social media. Google Now on Tap will allow you to quickly find more information about that person, place or thing so you can comment on their post if you so choose.

3. Music

It’s useful because:

  • Discovering a great track or a new artist is one of my favorite things about the internet. With Google Now on Tap, when someone mentions a new artist, you can quickly learn more about that artist, so you can hopefully discover more great music from them.

How do you use Google Now on Tap?

Google Now on Tap is a simple feature that makes it easier for you to quickly find more contextual information about the thing that matters the most at the exact moment it matters.

Talking about going to a movie with a friend? Perfect. Find movie times faster with Google Now on Tap.

Making plans to check out a new sushi restaurant? Great. Check out reviews easily with Google Now on Tap.

Whatever you’re talking about or looking at on your HTC One A9, Google Now on Tap helps you discover more with one simple tap. Try it out and let me know what you think about.