HOW-TO: Use Smart Lock to Access Your Device Faster


Keeping your phone safe and secure is important, but having to enter a password, fingerprint, or security pattern each time you want to access your phone sure can be a hassle. This is especially true for those times you’re in a safe place, like at home or work. Seems like there should be an easier way, right? There is.

If you’re looking for a quicker way to access your device without having to enter your security information each time, use Smart Lock on your HTC One device. With Smart Lock, whenever you’re in a trusted place, you won’t be asked to enter in a password, swipe pattern or fingerprint to access your phone─you’ll instantly be given access to your device.

How To Set Up Smart Lock to recognize your home or work on your HTC One Smartphone

  1. Go Settings and then tap Security.
  2. On the Security screen, tap Smart Lock.
  3. Enter your device’s PIN number when prompted and tap Next.
  4. Next tap Trusted places.
  5. Tap Add trusted place.
  6. On the map screen drag the pin around until you find the location you’d like to use with Smart Lock. As you can see, around the pin, there is a blue circle. This is the area in which your HTC device will remain unlocked. If it’s taken outside of this range, your phone will lock according to whatever your security settings are.
  7. Click Select this location to set the location.
  8. On the next window, you’ll be given the option to rename the location. When finished, click OK.

You’ve just set up Smart Lock on your device and now when you’re at that location, you’ll be able to quickly access your phone without having to enter any passwords, swipe patterns or fingerprints.

To delete or edit your Smart Lock locations, just go back into the Trusted places menu and select the location you’d like to modify.

Are you using Smart Lock? If not, set it up and let us know what you think in the comments!

  • http://ViVOforce.com/ Lawrence Bujak

    re: On the Security screen, tap Smart Lock…
    There is NO “Smart Lock” option…!
    Will hTC ever release Android 6 / at&t in the USlessA?

    • Nathan J

      Eventually, they probably will… the US is the only country that uses special variations, so we’re always dead last. They’re rolling out Marshmallow for the M9… M8 who knows. Gotta go Nexus (or iPhone) if you care about updates.

      HTC should release phones just every two years, and that phone should be amazing, with nothing held back. Absolutely the best of everything, and supporting all the carriers, like a Nexus or iPhone. And then they should support it for the next two years. No S line, no A line, no Eye line, just one great phone for two years. And then offer a trade-up discount if you have the last one (which they can then refurbish and sell). Having all these variations and not supporting them isn’t working, and people are leaving for greener pastures. Killing BoomSound on the M10 won’t help. They should fire whoever said it would.

  • Oren Flaschner

    Since MM update on the M9 international version, smart lock isn’t working as it should be…

  • Markpud

    Running Android 6.0 on HTC One M8… no smart lock option available 🙁

    • Markpud

      I discovered under Settings>security>trust agents is the option to activate smart lock.

  • Alfonsus Benny Wijaya

    I put vpn and request for pattern, and now delete vpn cannot back with no pattern option
    Htc one e9+
    Give solution for no lock screen!
    No lock screen option didnt found
    Give me solution for back to nolock screen