HTC 10: Unbeatable Audio

If you know anything about HTC you know that we take audio seriously. BoomSound is a staple in many of our phones and a technology that we actively iterate on to create clearer, crisper, all-around better sound.

The new HTC 10 features 24-bit Hi-Res audio and an updated BoomSound speaker layout that make this phone our best sounding one yet. In the past, you’ve known BoomSound speakers to be two front-facing speakers located at the bottom of the phone. We’ve changed the placement of these speakers in the 10 to both reduce the length of the phone and provide clearer sound. The speakers have been split, with the tweeter on top and the woofer on the bottom. Each component is also equipped with its own amplifier so you get the best sound possible from a smartphone.

HTC customers have a lot to say about BoomSound and the quality of audio in our phones, so we took the 10 on the road to show it off to our most loyal fans and get their thoughts and feedback. We even caught some of it on film! Check out what they had to say about the sound of the HTC 10.

  • vikas tanwar

    BoomSound speakers are the best cell phone speakers on the planet. HTC 10 might not have a true stereo sound, but rather its has separate woofer and tweeter speakers.

  • Paul

    I am a musician and audio engineer and so sound quality is very important to me. My decision to purchase a HTC 10 was because of the specs and reviews of its audio. But I have noticed an area that could hopefully be improved.
    It is great when using headphones. Playback from the speakers is weird, though. When playing a test recording I’ve determined the L channel is all highs, and the R has a lot of bass. I realize that’s the function of each of those speakers, but the overall sound doesn’t provide an accurate mix of L&R channel information. Could a software or firmware update combine, i.e. sum the L&R speaker channels to mono but keep the output from the headphone jack that really nice hi-quality stereo?

    • okay nokay

      I doubt that a firmware update would really help with that, as the speakers are probably hardware tuned for the top speaker to manage highs while the bottom speaker takes care of lows and mids.
      I’m afraid that’s one of the costs of having a fingerprint scanner. Something has to go.