Setting Up Your Personal Audio Profile on the HTC 10


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The HTC 10 is both the smartphone you know and so much more. We’ve integrated some interesting new features into this device to make your experience with it truly great, including the new Personal Audio Profile.

HTC has been committed to making phones with great sound for years and the 10 is no different. The Personal Audio Profile feature allows you to customize how you hear music, games, videos and more for each set of headphones you own. All you have to do is take a quick frequency hearing test in each ear to create a custom mix that works best for you.

The HTC Tutorials team created a short video about how to set up your Personal Audio Profile and we’ve posted it below. It’s important to note that you can set up multiple profiles for different headsets, so sound is never compromised no matter which headphones you’ve got on hand.

Take a quick watch through to get familiar with Personal Audio Profile and quickly set up your first profile.

  • conan kohler

    This phone is a piece of shut! It is the worst smartphone I have ever had and the most expensive I can’t believe I took out $1,100 for this thing! it can’t handle simple functions such as running standard apps without freezing or simply being able 2 do a simple task such as when I press send when I want to send SMS or even when in in a TV app and want to select remote function it reads my finger gesture but does nothing and it’s really struggles with voice to text too no matter what application you use and all this is before I have even started to load my favourite apps. NOT HAPPY JAN!