HTC U11: Ready for the Next Generation of Connected Devices—Bluetooth 5.0 Support



The Best Gets Better

We have news for HTC U11 owners everywhere—your smartphone already supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Put another way, since day one, your device’s hardware has been ready to support Bluetooth 5.0 connections—with no additional firmware updates needed from HTC.

We’re announcing this following our full Bluetooth 5.0 certification to ensure our customers are future-proofed for the next generation of Bluetooth-connected products.


What’s Next?

When Android O, the next version of the Android OS becomes available, HTC U11 owners all over the world will be able to enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth 5.0.

We’re excited to be able to bring this announcement to HTC U11 customers around the world as we strive to continuously improve our customers’ mobile experience—we believe Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility helps do that.

For more in-depth information regarding Bluetooth 5.0 and the HTC U11, please see this article on AndroidCentral.com. 

  • Pradeep Datwani

    I love my HTC U11 which I bought last month but I’m not happy with the customer service and the lack of Service Centres especially in Mumbai, India.

    most importantly I am not able to get my keyboard and TouchPal to learn my new words and import my CONTACT NAMES despite changing the settings on my keyboard, I etc..

    • Aaron S.

      Simple. Don’t use TouchPal. HTC’s default keyboard was so much better, in my opinion. I use GBoard (which WILL learn your new words and sync your contact names).

      • Pradeep Datwani

        hi thanks for your quick revert Aaron …so do I need TN uninstall TouchPal from my U11?

        • Shane Smith

          I think that’s what he’s saying

        • Troop

          You don’t necessarily need to uninstall it, just set GBoard as your default keyboard.

          • Pradeep Datwani

            hey thanks but sorry To sound like an amateur but do I go into “settings ==> language/keyboard” as I can’t find an option to choose G Board… there is only a “physical OR I virtual keyboard” option there? appreciate your help 🙂

          • Anthony Rintala

            First go into the play store and download Google Keyboard. Then open Gboard and it should take you directly to your settings and you click on Gboard and it should be activated.

          • Pradeep Datwani

            Hi Anthony,

            Thanks so much and sorry to sound like a dummy and i’ve finally downloaded the Gboard it surely predicts superbly along with syncing all my “contact name prediction”, etc…just one last question if you can advise how do i change the keyboard as believe it or not i still fancy using the “PHONE PAD” due to my extremely large fingers and i’m not able to find this option even when checking all the settings, etc…? Cheers again and how obvious I should have thought of GOOGLE KEYBOARD as they are the best….TouchPal just doesn’t do any justice to “learning/predicting” .

            Best regards,


          • Anthony Rintala

            Yeah no problem. If you want to change your input or keyboard just go into Language and Keyboard in your settings menu, and then click virtual keyboard and you should be able to switch around keyboards.

    • Rami Hermes

      Use a g board