HOW-TO: Set Up Custom Actions with Edge Sense

Earlier this year we introduced the HTC U11 with Edge Sense. Edge Sense changed the way you use your smartphone, by allowing you to launch apps and take photos by squeezing your phone. In an update earlier this week, we greatly expanded your ability to customize how Edge Sense works with any app. But what’s a good update if you don’t know how to use it, right? Here’s a look at how easy it is to set up Edge Sense to replace a single or double tap in any app.

As an example, we’ll set up page turns in the Amazon Kindle app using a short squeeze. Because changing the screen orientation will also change the context of your custom action, we’re going to set up this action in portrait mode.

  1. Start by opening the app tray and going to Settings.
  2. Tap Edge Sense.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and tap Add more in-app options.
  4. Select Amazon Kindle.
  5. Tap Short Squeeze.
  6. The Kindle app will automatically open. Select any book in your collection.
  7. Tap the red hand+ icon at the top of your screen. Your screen should turn red, indicating that the Edge Sense is waiting for you to select a function area at where you want to replace a tap or double tap with a squeeze.
  8. A menu will pop up. Select Tap, then press OK.
  9. Give the action a name and then press Save.

Congrats! You can now flip a page with a simple squeeze! Don’t forget to try custom actions with other apps, too.

  • Niraj

    Need help in off screen actions too, like mute/unmute, increase/decrease volume in the app

    • Niraj

      Gesture support also would be great