Squeeze More Into U: Introducing the HTC U11+

Earlier this year we set a new standard for smartphones with the HTC U11. But we didn’t stop there: this week we introduced the HTC U11+. The newest member of the U family takes the innovation of the HTC U11 and squeezes in a larger display, a bigger battery, a sharper camera, louder BoomSound, and new stunning colors. Check it out:

Impressively Immersive — Up a half-inch from the HTC U11, the U11+ features a 6-inch screen with a vivid DCI-P3 display, making it perfect for bingeing movies. Did we mention that it’s powered by Qualcomm’s® Snapdragon™ 835 mobile platform? That means it’s also a monstrous mobile gaming machine, even for the latest demanding 3D games.

Beast of a Battery — Many of you have shared your love for HTC U11’s great battery life. The HTC U11+ comes equipped with an even larger 3,930mAh battery, providing 30% more battery stamina than the HTC U11, meaning you’ll have plenty of juice for all of your adventures.

Liquid Surface Love — Speaking of adventures, the HTC U11+ is rated IP68, making it built for anything the elements throw at you. But sturdy doesn’t mean we had to sacrifice style: it also features the same refractive, liquid-surface design of the HTC U11. It comes in three colors: Ceramic Black, Amazing Silver, and an all new color, Translucent Black. And by “Translucent,” we definitely mean it: you can peek into the heart of the phone.

Multimedia Master — Remember the One M7? We’ve only continued to raise the bar for audio since then, and the U11+ is a huge leap for smartphone sound. The U11+ is outfitted with the loudest BoomSound speakers ever (30% louder than the HTC U11, no big deal). Despite gains in volume (see what we did there?), it still maintains high-quality sound even at its loudest volume. On the note of audio (more puns!), we’re also including our Active Noise-Cancelling, ear-adapting USonic earbuds in the box.

Edgy Build — We’ve built even more into Edge Sense: the U11+ comes with the customizable Edge Launcher, which gives you easy one-handed access to your favorite apps, contacts, and quick settings.

Powerful Photos — The HTC U11’s camera received a DxOMark score of 90. For the HTC U11+, we’ve improved the camera for even more: the rear-facing camera features full-sensor phase detection autofocus (TL;DR: a feature that can also be found in high-end DSLR cameras). It also boasts HDR Boost technology, which has all the benefits of HDR without the lag.

Cookie Monster — Pre-loaded with the latest and greatest, the HTC U11+ comes with Android 8.0 Oreo right out of the box in some regions of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.

Super-squeezable, super-sleek, and super-fast, the HTC U11+ is one epic smartphone. Give it a squeeze and let us know what you think.

  • Michael Reitsma

    When can I get it in the Netherlands? There is no pre order on the site. Will the translucent option be available at launch?