Squeeze More Into U: Introducing the HTC U11+

Earlier this year we set a new standard for smartphones with the HTC U11. But we didn’t stop there: this week we introduced the HTC U11+. The newest member of the U family takes the innovation of the HTC U11 and squeezes in a larger display, a bigger battery, a sharper camera, louder BoomSound, and new stunning colors. Check it out:

Impressively Immersive — Up a half-inch from the HTC U11, the U11+ features a 6-inch screen with a vivid DCI-P3 display, making it perfect for bingeing movies. Did we mention that it’s powered by Qualcomm’s® Snapdragon™ 835 mobile platform? That means it’s also a monstrous mobile gaming machine, even for the latest demanding 3D games.

Beast of a Battery — Many of you have shared your love for HTC U11’s great battery life. The HTC U11+ comes equipped with an even larger 3,930mAh battery, providing 30% more battery stamina than the HTC U11, meaning you’ll have plenty of juice for all of your adventures.

Liquid Surface Love — Speaking of adventures, the HTC U11+ is rated IP68, making it built for anything the elements throw at you. But sturdy doesn’t mean we had to sacrifice style: it also features the same refractive, liquid-surface design of the HTC U11. It comes in three colors: Ceramic Black, Amazing Silver, and an all new color, Translucent Black. And by “Translucent,” we definitely mean it: you can peek into the heart of the phone.

Multimedia Master — Remember the One M7? We’ve only continued to raise the bar for audio since then, and the U11+ is a huge leap for smartphone sound. The U11+ is outfitted with the loudest BoomSound speakers ever (30% louder than the HTC U11, no big deal). Despite gains in volume (see what we did there?), it still maintains high-quality sound even at its loudest volume. On the note of audio (more puns!), we’re also including our Active Noise-Cancelling, ear-adapting USonic earbuds in the box.

Edgy Build — We’ve built even more into Edge Sense: the U11+ comes with the customizable Edge Launcher, which gives you easy one-handed access to your favorite apps, contacts, and quick settings.

Powerful Photos — The HTC U11’s camera received a DxOMark score of 90. For the HTC U11+, we’ve improved the camera for even more: the rear-facing camera features full-sensor phase detection autofocus (TL;DR: a feature that can also be found in high-end DSLR cameras). It also boasts HDR Boost technology, which has all the benefits of HDR without the lag.

Cookie Monster — Pre-loaded with the latest and greatest, the HTC U11+ comes with Android 8.0 Oreo right out of the box in some regions of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.

Super-squeezable, super-sleek, and super-fast, the HTC U11+ is one epic smartphone. Give it a squeeze and let us know what you think.

  • Michael Reitsma

    When can I get it in the Netherlands? There is no pre order on the site. Will the translucent option be available at launch?

  • Steve McQueen

    Would love to see the translucent model in the U.S. It would be probably be an automatic buy from me, even if it was just an online exclusive or maybe an Amazon Prime phone. Eh? EEEHHHHH? *wink-wink*

  • hussein shobaki


    I hope these comments doesn’t fall on deaf ears…

    I’ve been using HTC since TytnII, the last model I have was the HTC10, and I guess I’ve been through many models of HTC, and I’ve seen how the company evolve, was impressed with customer support when they called me about a comment I made ( I guess around 2010)
    Last year I switched to ONE plus 3T, as I became frustrated by the incompetent, non existing, and almost impossible to reach customer support.
    Adding to that, I was trying to buy the HTC desire Pro 10 , and I called the call center many time and got no where, no body gave me any direction, even promised to be sent an email about when and where I can buy it, still NOTHING..

    You can’t get an answer about anything, that leads me to feel that HTC lost its interest to continue in the market of premium mobile manufacturing.
    After the sale of their R&D department to Google no one came with a clear announcement that the company is here to stay and even improve,
    The company rushed to release the U11 Plus while it’s only available in 2 counties ( Taiwan and Hong Kong) and only some other markets got an under developed version of it U11life, which in my humble opinion is a waste of consumer money and company resources,
    These comments come from a simple end user who is not a tech Geek ( sorry for the expression) who HTC lost touch with, many tech company try to impress tech profissionals forgetting that we ( the lame people) are the bulk buyers of their phones.

    I hope my comments get posted, answered clearly, not get deleted or receive a diplomatic useless answer

    Best Regards.