Blog Contributors


Aaron Baker

Senior Manager of Global Social

Aaron is HTC’s Senior Manager of Global Social Media. With 11 years of wireless industry experience in broadcasting, brand management, marketing, social media strategy, and more, he’s held more than a few phones in his day. When not talking about tech or writing biographies from the third person point of view, Aaron can be found running or talking about airplanes. He’s on Twitter @AaronCBaker.


Bianca Spada

Social Media Community Manager, @HTC_UK

Bianca Spada is HTC’s UK Community Manager, which puts her in charge of social media strategy in the United Kingdom. Bianca's previously worked in magazine publication, social marketing, and digital development. While she’s not planning and hunting down content for Facebook and Twitter, she can be found in art galleries, gigs, and researching the latest trends in fashion, technology, and mobile apps.

Raymond Calbay

User Education

Raymond Calbay is a member of HTC's Taiwan-based User Education team. Originally from the Philippines, he is in constant search for sun-ripened mangoes.

Ef Rodriguez

Director of Global Social

Ef Rodriguez is HTC's Director of Global Social. He likes startups, scary movies and giving people nicknames they likely don't want. He is @pug on Twitter. He also lived in Amsterdam for a while. Ask him about it.

Laura Kimball

Social Community Manager

Native Seattle-suburbanite, Laura Kimball is a word warrior who slays metaphors and tames run-on sentences. By day she helps manage a VIP community for HTC’s most passionate customers. And by night she can be found blogging at lamiki.com and twittering copiously (@lamiki). When she’s not online, she can be found lifting heavy things at CrossFit, in the pits crewing for her husband’s race team, or trying to take photos her cats, Vito and Minnie, on Instagram (@lauramkimball).
Teresa is HTC's Content & Editorial Manager on the Global Social Media team. She spends most of her workday overseeing this blog. When she's not bouncing around the HTC Americas office, you can find her with her nose buried in a good book, slinging weights in her CrossFit gym, or singing her face off in the car. Say hi to her on Twitter at @TeresaBasich.

Zachary Adams

UX Copywriter

Zachary Adams spends his days translating tech jargon into concise on-screen text for HTC’s design teams. His interdisciplinary background combines experience in online and print publication, social media and ESL education. When he’s not indulging in international wanderlust, he can be found geeking out about automobiles, architecture and fashion.