USB On the Go

Let’s face it, we’ve all been in a situation where we’re traveling, we use our trusty HTC to take tons of photos, and then realize you’re running out of space. Besides the additional 25GB Dropbox, there’s another way to get more space – USB Storage! All you need is the USB On The Go (OTG) cable and your USB drive.


First, get your USB OTG cable ready.





Plug your USB drive into the USB port on the cable, then plug the cable into your phones microUSB port.




Now you can access the data on your USB drive through your HTC smartphone. Using USB OTG, you can use apps like Gallery, Music and Polaris Office to easily access files on your USB drive and your smartphone.




When you’re done, you can quickly check available storage on your USB drive by going to Setting > Storage on your HTC phone.  Also, don’t forget to unmount your USB drive when you’re finished.



So, don’t confine yourself to the memory on your phone, take advantage of USB OTG and  expand your storage possibilities.

Currently supported devices include the HTC One X, HTC One X+, HTC Butterfly and the all new HTC One.

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[1] No guarantee to fully support all 3rd party applications or USB equipment.

[2] The USB OTG cable is not an HTC product and there will be no warranty coverage.