Introducing the HTC One Developer Edition


What could be better than the HTC One; an all-metal phone with 64GB of memory and a 1080p Full HD screen? How about the same phone shipped SIM and bootloader unlocked?

Introducing the HTC One Developer Edition, the most powerful smartphone HTC has delivered specifically for our developer community:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 64 GB of storage
  • SIM and bootloader unlocked
  • Open APIs for Bluetooth Low Energy, Infrared, and more
  • Front-facing stereo speakers
  • Two dual-membrane microphones for recording
  • Multiple frequency compatibility:
    • HSPA/WCDMA: 850/1900/2100 MHz
    • GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    • LTE: 700/850/AWS/1900 MHz (US)

Early ‘X-Ray’ render of the new HTC One; the Developer Edition will ship with a silver aluminum back

And let’s not forget that gorgeous 1080p Full HD display that brings graphics, photos, and videos to life. With the HTC One Developer Edition you have a modern platform to build and test your apps.

The HTC One Developer Edition will be available in limited quantities to customers with a US Zip Code for $649 when the HTC One is released in the United States. In the meantime, what are you most looking forward to doing with your HTC One Developer Edition smartphone?

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  1. avatar Blake Lyons says:

    I want this so badly. Too bad only US zip code. Might have to make a couple arrangements…

  2. If you’re going to release a developer edition, you should release one that works on all the U.S. GSM networks. You just have to add one little frequency band to make it happen! AWS HSPA/WCDMA is missing. :(

    • avatar aNYthing6 says:

      Amen. Pretty much useless on T-Mobile (until they roll out LTE, which is not for awhile).

      • avatar Nicholas Gray says:

        At the end of February, T-Mobile announced that “The Company’s HSPA+ network currently serves 225 million people nationwide, with 142 million people covered by 4G on 1900 MHz spectrum.”

        That number should increase dramatically over the next few months as T-Mobile plans to have LTE coverage for 100 million people by the end of June.

        • Yes, but there are areas where it is impossible to deploy PCS HSPA+ without acquiring more PCS spectrum somehow. And no one is willing to sell. It’s not like the hardware for AWS WCDMA isn’t already there (the AWS LTE components are combo parts that also support WCDMA), HTC just doesn’t want to turn it on!

          • avatar Nicholas Gray says:

            yes and no. I’ve had this same discussion with Qualcomm during a 1:1 meeting at CES. While the chip does support nearly every band know to mankind, there are limitations to the number of bands which can be turned on at once.

            On top of that, manufacturer also pay an additional fee for each band which is enabled on the chip. Turning on additional bands would force HTC to increase the price of the device for everyone even though only a very small number of consumers would actually benefit from it.

          • The chip isn’t what matters. Qualcomm’s chip supports 30+ bands. I’m referring to the rest of the radio structure: duplexers/filters, power amplifiers, antenna. They support AWS WCDMA and LTE using the same parts. Same goes for the 850/1900 bands. They use combo parts that connect to either WCDMA or LTE on the same pathway.

      • TMOUS is rolling out full LTE in So-Cal by August, :-)

    • avatar samba says:

      please add one more radio for all of us eager buyers using verizon as a carrier!

      • avatar Joe Baker says:

        not going to get that this is a gsm phone not a cdma phone

          • avatar Justin says:

            You’d only be able to use LTE if it supported Verizon’s part of the 700MHz spectrum. And I believe you’d have to have service preactivated on that SIM in order to put it in the One without a problem and use the service. Not an issue if you already have a SIM in a current LTE device with them though. However, Verizon does plan to start deploying LTE on AWS bands, so if you lived somewhere where that’s available in the future, you’re good for some LTE only support.

    • avatar Jason Burkert says:

      The specs above include “HSPA/WCDMA: 850/1900/2100 MHz”. Can someone clarify what band is missing and which networks this will not work with?

      • 1700 is missing. Which is like 70% of T-mobile users.

      • the 900MHz band and the AWS band (1700/2100 MHz) are missing. This means that 3G networks in some European and Asian countries that are now launching on the 900MHz band will not be accessible. Additionally, the lack of AWS band for WCDMA means that AWS HSPA+ networks deployed by WIND, Mobilicity, T-Mobile USA, Videotron, Nextel Latin America, and others will be completely inaccessible.

    • avatar XsMagical says:

      you are aware that is does run on both 1900mhz and 2100mhz right? T-Mobile uses 2100 & 1900 in upgraded areas. This coming from a RF Tech

    • Or release it in all the country that use the whole lot of these LTE bands? (Canada, most likely Mexico too?)

    • dont worry, they wont bother. US is for Apple brains :)

    • avatar Adrian Heartstone says:

      not our fault you live in the dark ages:) Love from Europe

    • avatar MrJigolo says:

      No, no, no :(

      I wanted to buy the Developer edition but no T-Mo HSPA+ support is killer. Please fix this HTC.

  3. avatar Chris Chavez says:

    Making sweet, sweet love to it.. O_o

  4. avatar ukscj says:

    Not sure if ill get this somehow
    But I want One

    The amount of pictures I take
    64GB is a must for me

  5. avatar AlanArielCorona says:

    where can I buy this or pre order please give me a LINK!!!

  6. avatar Helbert Gascon says:

    Would have been great if you guys provided this internationally. 80% of the android developers aren’t even located in the US and only a small fraction of those 20% are using HTC devices and I doubt any are aware/planning on getting this. I’m sure 70 to 90% of the people getting that device are non developers who are just craving for the extra storages.

  7. avatar Micah Madru says:

    The price point is pretty good, but honestly I do not like this at all. Useless for me as a T-Mobile user and this will further cripple developer support if normal carrier versions are not easily unlockable and moddable.

  8. avatar Brett says:

    Super lame that it is missing AWS 3G support…

  9. avatar Karmeet Anand says:

    Fk Awesome :)

  10. avatar Patrick Ryan says:

    this summer I will be going into training mode with android. This would be a perfect device to test what I learn. I want it how do I get it?

  11. avatar Kevin Guinn says:

    Will it come in Black!?

  12. HTC One will sure be an important asset to the whole development community.
    Thank you Leigh, for the news.

  13. Will it have the transparent back? :)

  14. Anyway to get it in India, I’m ready to pay 800$ for a 64gb one with the boot loader unlocked. Please bring it.

  15. avatar Ganix Trejo says:

    Only for the US? And Europe?

  16. First thing I would do is root it and flash AOKP :-P

  17. avatar El_Chiflero says:

    Such an awesome bit of news…sad for my international friends that it’s U.S. only but considering it already comes SIM unlocked in Europe/Asia, unlocking the bootloader shouldnt be too hard. .

  18. avatar Eoin O'Callaghan says:

    Please, please let EU devs purchase this too! I would jump at one.

  19. avatar devolute says:

    Dear Europe,

    Get stuffed.

    Love, HTC x

    • The European version of the phone can still be unlocked using the bootloader tool available at

      • avatar Don McCall says:

        If the US models have encrypted bootloaders, then the rest of the world has an advantage on the US. This won’t be acceptable to me…at all. If I can’t use the phone on T-Mobile with DC-HSPA+ and run CyanogenMod (or other custom ROM) if I chose to, then hello Samsung GS4! This “developer edition” model does NOT support AWS HSPA+!

        • avatar CaptainEVO says:

          For what it’s worth, T-Mobile was unwilling to confirm with me today that the “official” TMo carrier phone would have AWS HSPA+ (which seemed odd, given this phone is supposed to come out in three weeks). They could just be going 1900 to keep SKUs down.

          • avatar Don McCall says:

            After checking HTC’s specs page, this could be plausible. It specifically lists the LTE bands for each carrier version separately, but doesn’t list HSPA+ bands for anything other than the international version. I doubt that they would make a separate SKU for T-Mobile and not include DC-HSPA+ on it though, since it’s already built into the chipset.

          • According to the FCC, HTC did make one for T-Mobile that has AWS WCDMA. And the info sheet for the press includes specific band info for the T-Mobile variant that does say it has AWS WCDMA. So it’s there.

          • avatar Don McCall says:

            Good deal. That still doesn’t resolve the issue of encrypted bootloaders though, and the HTC moderator’s failure to answer that question definitely will have me wait to see if the T-Mobile version will be unlockable through the htcdev site. If not…I will likely go with Samsung again. It’s a shame, as I still say my G2 was the best phone I’ve ever owned.

          • avatar Dongcopter Pilot says:

            It comes unlocked, so that’s probably the HTCDev-style bootloader unlock, with S-On. So not perfect by any means, but if we can change superCID and get S-OFF, it’ll be the tits.

          • avatar Don McCall says:

            No, that’s the dev version. I am speaking of the T-Mobile RETAIL version. That phone will be locked to T-Mobile.

      • avatar Amos Connelious says:

        Hey guys I got the European version and its locked to Tmobile/EE any ideal or experience how to unlock this HTC one ? I have tried so many website but it seems they can’t generate the unlocking code

  20. avatar Jeff Kasten says:

    USA when?????

  21. avatar Mohamed Ismail Nounou says:

    Any idea when? I would be glad to get one, but I have a long business trip in April?! can you give us some dates?

  22. avatar Nicholas Gray says:

    Glad to see HTC renew its commitment to the dev community. If the device is available before the end of March, will it be eligible for the $100 HTC One Trade-up Promotion?

  23. avatar Taylor Wimberly says:

    Thank you HTC for supporting unlocked phones in the US!

  24. Sad thing we cant get it outside of US, you know in canada we use all the same frequencies wich would help a lot to get one carrier-less and help developping

  25. I don’t wanna break the fun, but EU version already support all LTE and is available unlocked (and can have boot unlocked with the tool on htc dev), while US did not even have a carrierless one, would be nice if it had more north-american country that also use these LTE bands.

  26. avatar Matt V says:

    this work on sprint?

  27. avatar Thurnis says:

    It’s got LTE bands for nine Canadian carriers, but isn’t available in Canada?

    Bell, Eastlink, Fido, Koodo, MTS, Rogers, SaskTel, Telus, Virgin Mobile

  28. avatar Marsha Mais says:

    That’s great! Except I found out yesterday that the release window for this on the AT&T network is anywhere between March and June!! The wonderful $100 upgrade incentive is pointless if the phone comes out after March as the phone has to be purchased before March 31st. I don’t know if this is HTC or AT&T’s doing, but it’s completely unfair to those in that market.

  29. avatar Ryan says:

    This price point is insane. Who in their right mind would spend $650 on this, when you can get the Nexus 4 for less than half the price? Its hardware is almost as good, and it comes with stock Android and supports T-Mobile’s HSPA+ bands. HTC is starting to look like Apple with its pricing.

  30. avatar Srini says:

    But why is this released only to US? Why not to other parts of the world? Why not to India?

    • avatar Marsha Mais says:

      Why is it that the rest of the world gets it but the US has to wait, let alone not even get a release date?

      • avatar Srini says:

        But Marsha….typically until now (and history also says so) – US has always been getting the first lot of all technologies. Don’t feel bad if the rest of the world raise their voice against this.

        So, what’s wrong in asking for this? I am not saying do not release to US! I’m only asking it also be released to other nations!!

    • HTC will continue to provide the ability to unlock the bootloader on many of its devices using the tool at

  31. avatar Chris Hagood says:

    Sooooooo, no CDMA/LTE version?

    I see that it runs on 700 MHz band, though. So will this run on Verizon’s LTE network?

  32. avatar Tim Madalin Furdui says:

    What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!! you cant even keep up with delivering the normal HTC one and you have already come up with a new version of this phone…You people just dont learn anything from your mistakes….RIP

  33. No offence but why limited to US only? :’(
    There are enthusiast all over the globe who would like their hands on it :D

  34. avatar Philip Tang says:

    Hopefully the unlocked One will come to Canada and support AWS 1700/2100 frequencies. The One is hands down the best smartphone out there on the market and it’s a shame that it can’t work on all carriers.

  35. avatar Mike Svitek says:

    I hope you guys make the next Google Nexus device… Just make it exactly this phone, except give us a bigger battery in a slightly thicker package. No one really cares about being able to cut tomatoes with their phone. We just want to make it last two days on one charge.

  36. I would actually consider upgrading my original HTC incredible for this phone. Too bad it is so expensive.

  37. What I would like, is a clear one.

  38. avatar Chris Jordan says:

    hey can anyone please tell me if this hone has support for 1700/2100 LTE networks, as far as i know AWS are that frequencies isnt it??

  39. so will this work with sprint?

  40. avatar Henners says:

    So HTC what you’re saying is that only people should be able to tinker with their phones with all kinds of ROMs and tweaks are those who live in the United States while you lock down everything for all those who live else where…. Way to go HTC! -_-

  41. avatar roland says:

    I hope pick up one at release

  42. avatar CaptainEVO says:

    So I was planning on buying an unlocked European import but this looks like a much better deal for the money. Will the Dev edition also be available in black?

    • The Developer Edition will be available in the silver aluminum finish

      • Larry Meadows mate people r taking it wrong,thinking u people r going to lock d bootloaders of d htc one in the rest of the world..i guess u need to clear dis to them via blog dat unlocking bootloader wouldnt be possible only in u.s.a where its developer version would be available and in the rest of the world unlocking bootloader would still be available just as before…i think this is imp. for htc in order to avoid criticism from the rest of the world regarding developer edition not being available in their region..

  43. avatar Ken Page says:

    Where is the 3D screen and camera? :( .-.-.

  44. avatar Nee Austin says:

    And the odds I get the unlocked “one” just dropped by quite a bit for failure to support 3G AWS. This is the AT&T variant.

    From engadget:

    AT&T will offer 850/1900/2100MHz 3G and 700/850/AWS/1900MHz LTE.
    T-Mobile’s has 850/AWS/1900/2100MHz 3G and 700/AWS LTE.

    • avatar Nee Austin says:

      Just to add: The iphone also does not support 3G AWS (1700) either. The Nexus 4 and others do.

      Also, T-Mobile is activating their HSPA+ network on the 1900 band in many markets. (45+ of them so far?)

      This enables iphones to to use Tmobile 3G instead of being stuck on EDGE (yuck), and also makes room for LTE.

      This phone also lacks the European 3G band 900, if that matters.

  45. avatar ItAintYouItsMe says:

    HTC we need unlockable bootloaders on all carrier devices. Not all of us can afford that unsubsidized price tag.

  46. avatar Dana Mahar says:

    No love for Canadians? Typical U.S. bullsh*t

  47. avatar Kevin Guinn says:

    Because the T-Mobile version will have 100% functioning T-Mobile radios. This specific Dev phone version of the ONE has radios more suited to AT&T.

  48. avatar Sarah says:

    outstanding features specially multiple frequency compatibility

  49. We have nothing further to announce about the Developer Edition at this time.

  50. us only? well that sucks

  51. avatar Ric.M says:

    How do I preorder the developer edition?

  52. avatar Will GodZson says:

    What are you most looking forward to doing with your HTC One Developer Edition smartphone?
    So being a dev and contributing to HTC’s development for the past 8+ years in Windows and Android what love does “One” (Me) get? Sign me up for One :) to continue assisting the community and sharing innovations.

  53. avatar Minor Suarez says:

    too much money for a phone. After six months or one year this phone and others will cost half and in two years they will give it for free.

    couse it will be old. so people please be smart and don’t make this companies more rich , be smart . nobody should paid more de $ 400 for a phone

    • Whether you pay $650 for the phone directly from HTC or get a subsidized version from a carrier for $200, HTC will still make the same amount of money because the carrier makes up the difference.

      This is what phones really cost, but US consumers aren’t used to paying those prices directly because the carriers always subsidize them for us then charge us more each month to make it up.

    • avatar mahrze says:

      If you don’t like it and can complain about the price. It’s fine, your choice. But don’t justify your “dislike” with critique. Simply say you won’t buy because it is out of your reach. Even if it does “lose” value over time. It’s your phone. You can do whatever you want with it. Freedom has a high price, in a figure of speech.

      • avatar J. D. Crutchfield says:

        Only it’s not really “your phone”, and you can’t “do whatever you want with it”. That’s what so many people are complaining about. You can’t take “your phone” to any carrier you like, at least not in the USA. You can’t use it in any country that has cellular service. You can’t install whatever mods and ROMs you like. You /may/ be able to unlock the bootloader, if it happens to be one of the “many of HTC’s devices” LarryBot keeps auto-texting us about, but you can’t make it S-Off. This is a very limited form of “freedom”, or even “ownership”.

        • avatar mahrze says:

          And here comes the bandwagon. As much as I agree with you. We can go as semantic as you’d like. But, for all it’s worth. I won’t be having those problems. So, being selfish, it’s good for me and I am sure some will agree with me. However limited you wanna call it, the problem is not with the Manufacturer, but carrier lobbying. So, instead of taking it to the manufacturer whom can’t do much. Take it to the carrier. Besides, nobody is asking you to buy it as I said, don’t like it? That’s fine, but leave the drama outside the front door.

        • Hi J.D. My name is Larry Meadows, not LarryBot. You are correct, in the USA a GSM variant phone will not run on a CDMA network and vice versa. As for using it in any country, I have traveled throughout Europe and to Asia and have not encountered any problems using my phone in any country I have visited, are you referring to hardware limitations or network differences you have encountered?

  54. avatar Eric says:

    Please ship in time to use htctradeup.

  55. avatar Dex ⚡ says:

    HTC: will this phone be available in black?

  56. avatar MadMeddler says:

    Come on HTC! Where’s the European version of your developer phone? Do we not have developers on Europe? Do we not have enthusiasts in Europe who might act as evangelists for your device? Oh, I guess not.

    Not impressed!

    • The European version of the phone can still be unlocked using the bootloader tool available at

      • avatar MadMeddler says:

        Is the US version not capable of being unlocked the same way? Plus I haven’t seen too much evidence of the 64GB version being available at launch time here in the UK

  57. avatar Chris Hanula says:

    does “SIM and bootloader unlocked” mean s-off as well?

    A shame it isn’t available in Canada…

    • avatar Leigh says:

      No, it does not.

      • avatar Kristopher Davis (Irishgreen) says:

        So basically this is just a pre-HTC dev unlocked phone? Your saying its not actually s-off just bootlaoder unlocked correct? Is the bootloader on the one encrypted still like previous models and final question is there plans to get source (kernel,etc) out faster? Thanks …can’t wait to grab this phone!!

  58. Customers without a US shipping address can still utilize the bootloader unlock tool available at

  59. Based on my current experience, when you get your HTC One you won’t need to change batteries every day at 5 like you have to do with your Samsung. Power management / battery life has been awesome on my HTC One. published a nice look at battery life on the HTC One at

  60. avatar Don McCall says:

    What I would really like to know is this: will the US versions will be eligible to use the bootloader unlock tool? I would be inclined to say no based on this version being released. That would mean that T-Mobile, WIND, etc. users would have no way of achieving S-Off for a AWS HSPA+ supporting phone…not if the bootloader is encrypted. This suddenly gives me pause about purchasing an HTC One at launch. One thing about Samsung’s and Sony’s phones: they have never dealt with encrypted bootload crap like HTC has in the past.

    • HTC will continue to provide the ability to unlock the bootloader on many of its devices using the tool at

      • avatar Don McCall says:

        Ummm….no offense Larry, but that wasn’t a direct answer to the question. Will the US versions of the One be eligible for the bootloader unlock tool? The fact that you didn’t answer the question obviously means either an outright NO or that some carriers will, but others won’t. If the answer was YES you would’ve come right out and said it. I guess I will have to wait and see….which will then also give Samsung time to get their flagship out to market. Not a wise strategy to me, as you would think HTC wants folks to go ahead and buy as soon as the handset is available…without waiting for stronger competition. SMH

  61. avatar Leigh says:

    Sorry we couldn’t accommodate that Samuel there wasn’t time for special engraving. We hope to offer some other goodies for this phone but we shall see.

  62. avatar gg555 says:

    Without AWS and support for T-Mobile this is lame. T-Mobile may not be the biggest carrier in the U.S. But if you spend time on the XDA forums it sure seems like a disproportionate number of developers use T-Mobile.

    Also, if the price of licensing is an issue for each additional band, as some say in the comments, then just release two variants of the developer addition. So people who need AWS can pay for AWS and others don’t have to. There are so many bazillions of variants of these phones that just has to not be a big deal.

    • HTC will continue to provide the ability to unlock the bootloader on many of its devices using the tool at

      • avatar gg555 says:

        A lot of people want their phones without carrier branding and bloatware. Especially on a carrier like T-Mobile, that does not subsidize phones and you’re paying full cost anyway, why should you put up with the carrier branding and bloatware? Lastly, SIM unlocking remains a questionable possibility in the U.S. (given the Library of Congress’ recent decision to rescind the exemption from the DMCA which allowed users to SIM unlock their devices, with or without carrier approval).

        So pretending that bootloader unlocking is a solution to not having a Dev device that works on T-Mobile U.S. is brushing the problem under the carpet. Indeed, if the two things were equivalent, obviously HTC would not even bother to make a separate Dev device in the first place.

        So I stick by my position that it is extremely lame of HTC not to enable AWS for T-Mobile U.S. in the Dev device, for the reasons I state here and in my first post.

        It also puzzles me that even the Dev device will not have S-Off. What the hell? Isn’t this supposed to help people do development? The Nexus devices don’t have this problem. Is this a Dev device or not?

  63. Approved

    Sent from my HTC

    —– Reply message —–

    • avatar CaptainEVO says:

      Agreed – the rush to have the first review up has me just ignoring battery life opinions unless they’re accompanied by by actual factual/statistical data. I hammer my phones the first week I have them which results in seriously “non typical” battery life during that time. I’ll wait to see what Brian Klug has to say :)

  64. why the new smartphone have no removable battery?

  65. Good work on that 64GB!

  66. avatar Micah Madru says:

    I have an HTC One S, htcdev as far as I know does not give you S-OFF, and from what I have read at xda-developers, htc has not been forthcoming with source code in a timely fashion.

  67. Is it going to be s off as well?

  68. avatar Lawnguy says:

    I think this is awesome of HTC to actually reach out to the developers communities. Years of reading neglect comments about HTC, and I still read a bunch of complaints on this page. People just can’t be pleased. This phone looks awesome, the specs are great and the new software looks completely inviting. Yes I hope I can get one too!!!

  69. No, this is a GSM phone.

  70. Certainly intended as a slap in the face. You can access the bootloader unlock tool at

  71. avatar MIguel Ortiz says:

    $649 for the developer edition…if only HTC could send me a review unit…

  72. avatar Chelo says:

    Just plz, give me a release day and take my CC, stop messing with my emotions.

  73. avatar Hansen Chan says:

    a little question…..

    Is this have global warranty?

  74. Hi is there a sign up page or something to notify consumers that want to purchase this developer edition? Preorder? I’m definitely interested!

  75. avatar Kevin Salt says:

    I’m going to be building large-scale environmental monitoring and disaster response apps for use on mobiles and pads later this yar … pity I can’t get one of these in Europe. It would serve well as a dev platform and a femo device. Might even cause some European agencies and government departments to consider using HTC One’s … Ah well .. I’m sure I’ll be able to unlock my own One when I get it :) … I just didn’t want to use it in a way which is not sanctioned by HTC themselves.

    (Elevate member – radiotrib)

    • Hey Kevin, I think this will be a great platform for dev and testing. While this phone can be shipped to a US Zip Code, you still have the the Bootloader unlock tool at I recommend using the tools available there, and, if you’re not already, make sure you join that community also.

  76. Would it be launch in Pakistan?

  77. avatar Omar Mohammad says:

    How i can buy this phone or preorder ? Im sure many of us want to have this info. So please let know thanks.

  78. avatar Olusola Abiodun says:

    I am looking to develop an app specifically for the device but why would I give my idea away on your website???

  79. avatar F16Vet says:

    If the normal carrier versions (i.e., Sprint in my case) can be unlocked for free on the web site, what is the advantage of the Developer version? Are any of the specs different?

  80. avatar Jon Mitchell says:

    Why won’t this developer edition be released outside the US? I live in the UK and I would love one of these. Just up my street. Save me from Rooting it via 3rd party tools. Also, if I buy one from the US and import it to the UK, would it be usable in the UK via a UK Carrier and SIM?

  81. avatar Large_Hadron says:

    Remember that US prices don’t include VAT (sales tax), so this is in reality approximately the same price as the 32GB version in the UK (though you can find the 32GB for a little less than £520 ). That’s still good as it’s the 64GB model, but it’s not as big a difference as it appears.

  82. I never saw a definitive answer. Will this come with S-OFF or not?

  83. avatar Paul Good says:

    Thanks for supporting the developer community and I’ll definitely be picking one of these up as soon as they are available. Do you have any details on how the update process will work? Can we expect to see updates quicker since they won’t have to go through any carrier approval and testing process?

  84. Where can I sign up to get one?

  85. avatar chw2054 says:

    Does it come with stock UI or HTC Sense?

  86. avatar branon says:

    How does one preregister for this developer edition?

  87. avatar bfbf says:

    Does this qualify for the $100 Trade-Up offer?

  88. Looking pretty sweet! :-)

  89. avatar Akshay Kawale says:

    I really want to buy this phone, but this is a significant investment for me, so I want to make sure that there is adequate development support for it, so that the community can continue to provide updates long after HTC suspends their official updates.

    Will HTC be providing all the drivers, etc so that developers can develop fully functional custom ROMs for later versions of Android? If not I might have to look elsewhere for my new phone… because I’ve been burned by Motorola withdrawing support for my Atrix 4g.

  90. avatar EvolvedApe says:

    Wow! If this was stock Android, I’d be all over it.

    First Android hardware I have seen that competes with the iPhone. Great design, HTC! (although I’d like to see the back in person :)

    Can this be made stock Android (with the regular Android OS updates?)

  91. avatar Omar Mohammad says:

    Htc please give us some date or open some kind of a preorder for this phone so the devs like us can confirm the order.

  92. avatar Pedro Barros says:

    I’m from Portugal, where can i get one?

  93. avatar Rob C says:

    We need an HTC One Developer Edition with AWS bands 1700 and 2100 so we can use our Phone (in LTE Mode) with Carriers that require those Frequencies. This is applicable to parts of the USA and Canada (and likely many other Countries).

  94. avatar Tracy says:

    This phone really needs to come to ‘The Official #TwitterPartyDJ’ for a thorough product review on my high traffic lifestyle blog! :)

    @Tracy_Iglesias on twitter!

  95. can anyone please update us on the release date in the US. I am sick of all the internet rumors… HTC just give us a range or a target date. I have heard everything from the 22nd to the end of April. I know that none of these were HTC sources, but unfortunately it is reflecting poorly on HTC… the wait will be worth it, I just wish HTC did more to manage expectations. I WILL be ordering the dev edition when it is ready, just wish things were better communicated.

  96. when is this going to release for the us? Please hurry up my money is burning in my pocket and i got a galaxy nexus that is ready to be used for skeet practice.

  97. avatar Bogdan Stetco says:

    Any news about the release date guys?

    • avatar Rob C says:

      Amazon UK says their release date is March 29, 2013, others are also following that; when
      this Site will sell is a different question but you can be certain they are in stock now.

      PS: The Moderator may be on vacation as I still waiting for my last Post to be moderated.

      • avatar Bogdan Stetco says:

        Yes but that’s for UK. Do you think it’s gonna be the same release date for both countries?

        PS: Maybe he’s keeping his spot on the waiting line :)

        • avatar Rob C says:

          T-Mobile says the same. HTC said it will not sell before it’s bulk purchasing Carriers do.

          IF you really want the Phone buy it now, just search for a Store or ask someone where they bought theirs.

        • avatar Rob C says:

          There is an “Official Answer”, search for the words “before the end of April.” on this Page.

      • avatar Tara says:

        My last query hasn`t received a reply. Are we being ignored?

  98. avatar Terry Linzmeier says:

    Make sure the software you use to check zip codes supports FPO & APO addresses.

    Also, get release dates out there so I know whether or not to wait around for this phone. I’d buy it today but the uncertainty around the release dates might send myself and other consumers in another direction.

  99. avatar Joey G says:

    Hi. I am from california I was wondering will the htc one dev edition be available in store? or will we have to order straight from the site when it comes available?

  100. avatar Sin Matches says:

    Does that mean normal editions will not be supporting bootloader unlocking? If that’s the case I will stop buying HTC

  101. avatar Jimmy Ng says:

    What are is the warranty for the developer edition?

  102. avatar Omar Mohammad says:

    Ok just tell us this that this edition of one will be avaible the same time the regular versions hit the market in USA ?

  103. avatar RyanDeBaker says:

    Will this us dev model be released after an April rollout? Or will I be able to pre-order this sometime soon?

    • It will be available for order at the same time as the US Rollout. The new HTC One will roll out in the UK, Germany and Taiwan next week and across Europe, North America and most of Asia-Pacific before the end of April.

  104. avatar Bogdan Stetco says:

    Does BlinkFeed support Google+?

  105. avatar Tara says:

    I need a new phone urgently. When will this be available through either T-Mobile or 02 in the UK? They only have 32 GB on pre-order in the UK.

  106. avatar Hector Cadeaux says:

    this might just be the one for metro and me

  107. Not entirely accurate. We have been testing some of the early models already with a T-Mobile SIM and it works great in New York City where T-Mobile has rolled out 1900 MHz HSPA+. So, markets where T-Mobile has done this, the HTC One developer edition will support it.

    • avatar J. D. Crutchfield says:

      Thanks for the personal reply, but the article I quoted acknowledges that “On T-Mobile, it will get 3G in some cities, but not in others . . . .” That seems to cover “markets where T-Mobile has done this . . . . ” I happen to be in New York City, so I’m glad to know that the HTC One will work here, but what about my home town in Virginia? Sorry to be so grouchy about all this, but I need to upgrade my phone, and all the hype got my hopes up. Now there just seems to be one delay after another, one retraction, one proviso, one asterisk after another, and it’s frustrating–especially after I’ve been strung along for so many months by Sprint’s promises to give me LTE “in the coming months”.

      • In your case, if you are on T-Mobile, I am assuming you want 4G so you would probably be best served to use the bootloader unlock tools at I am not sure what other retractions/provisions/asterisks you’ve gotten, but happy to help answer anything I can.

  108. you can order from if you have a US shipping zip code once the new HTC One rolls out in the US. And yes, this is eligible for the $100 trade up.

  109. avatar Raymond Yung says:

    Can’t wait to finally use LTE on HTC phone. (I will NEVER use a branded US phone again!!!)
    Please please HTC, make enough unbranded phone available for all the HTC lover in US.

  110. hey Marc, yes I checked with Telus, and Rogers and both say it should be fine. I for one will be ordering it either through my friend in california :)

  111. Hi Rohan, you can’t order it until it is available in the US, that will be in April. As we finalize dates we will update the post

  112. avatar LazyKid says:

    Any reason why the developer version will not come in Black? The HTC One in black is just so much more awesome than the silver.

    • avatar Ryan Karolak says:

      Probably to save money. If they don’t sell and make as many it makes more sense to only make one model (64gb Silver). Unfortunate for those who want 32 GB or Black.

  113. avatar Anthony St. Upery says:

    HTC just told me on their facebook page that the phone will carry a warranty.

    HTC Hi Anthony – Yes, it will. Please note, however, that installing a non-HTC ROM may void the warranty and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Have you pre-registered for this great mobile device yet?

  114. avatar Raymond Yung says:

    Why don’t you(HTC) just let us pre-order??And why does it have to be in limited quantities!? I am tire of refreshing this page every couple hours! I think I represent a lot of people when I say we ARE willing to pay more than $649 to get a unbranded and unlocked phone!

  115. So how exactly do we order this? HTC, please provide option to order it.

  116. avatar Neal Quimson says:

    How and where can I get one when it comes out?

  117. will this version work on T-mobiles LTE network?

  118. It says “The HTC One Developer Edition will be available in limited quantities to
    customers with a US Zip Code for $649 when the HTC One is released in
    the United States.” does this mean after the device is launched or the same day?

  119. avatar tonkotsu says:

    eh doesn’t fully work on tmo’s 3g..

    an unlocked phone not built to support one of the carriers promoting BYOD plans….. not too smart htc. keep it up i guess?

  120. avatar David Li says:

    Don’t forget T-Mobile’s refarm to 1900 HSPA+ AND they are deploying LTE on …….AWS

  121. avatar Rony says:

    They just announced that the att version will be on sale April 19th so does that mean the developers edition will be on sale on April 19th?

  122. avatar Stephen Casey says:

    CDMA listed..will this work with Sprint in both LTE and 3G areas?? Dallas is pretty spotty with LTE coverage.

  123. avatar Tony Lai says:

    When and where can I buy this edition!?

  124. avatar Ryan Karolak says:

    It’s implied, but will the Developer’s editing be available on the 19th along with the AT&T and Sprint’s versions?

  125. avatar ferricoxide says:

    No word on whether a VZW-compatible version of the developer model will be made available?

  126. avatar Jeff Scott says:

    Will this be up for pre-order at the same time as the US carriers preorders (April 4 and 5) or will it only be available to order on the actual release date of April 19?

  127. avatar Nee Austino says:

    We can assume that the US carrier versions of the HTC One will not be bootloader unlockable, even if you pay for them outright. The official replies say as much.

  128. What store will this be sold from? Will HTC sell it directly or through a 3rd party distributor?

  129. avatar dalex7777 says:


    Could you please clarify the LTE bands on this device?

    700MHz – is this band 13?

    850MHz – is this band 1 ?

    AWS – 1700MHz/2100 MHz?

    1900MHz – is this band 2 or 25 or both?

  130. avatar Gohy says:

    Hi Larry, I live in Canada but I was planning on buying this and getting it shipped to my US shipping address. Would that still qualify for the Canadian $100 rebate offer or do I HAVE to buy it in Canada?

    • I don’t believe so, i will ask to confirm.

      • avatar Gohy says:

        Oh nooo! That’s too bad! I was just about to pull the trigger. Good thing I double checked. Thank you for your reply…

      • avatar Gohy says:

        Hi Again. I just got an email back from the HTC Trade up program support and it said that it /IS/ eligible. I don’t know what to believe now.

        Thank you for your email.
        Phone purchases are eligible to receive the $100 Reward card as long as
        they are purchased in either the US or Canada. Please note the extended
        dates for this promotion I have enclosed below.

  131. avatar Joey G says:

    Larry I was wondering is this going to be available for pre sales at the same time as every other carrier? or are we waiting until release? thanks bro

  132. avatar Eric says:

    Any news? I really want to buy now.

  133. Pre-orders begin tomorrow morning at Click “shop” in the top navigation.

  134. avatar ShinyPixels says:

    Aside from being an unlocked phone wheres the details about what makes this good as a ‘developer’ phone?! There’s no shortage of unlocked android phones on the market.

  135. avatar Tanase Adrian says:

    Why won`t you release it in europe too?cause i`d surely buy

  136. i only see the tmobile varient? the developer edition isnt up?

    With a little searching I was able to find and order my developers edition! awesome!!!

  137. avatar disqus_Q1jjfW3Gpg says:

    there is a 32 gb unlocked phone now!!

  138. Why does the site continue to ask for a username and password when we go to the HTC/Letstalk shop?

  139. Why do I have “Customer Contact Required” in the status?

  140. avatar drzizo says:

    I see there is an unlocked 32GB phone in the store…I just wanna make sure that this legit before I order it

  141. avatar abdul rahman says:

    Does the developer edition include headphones? The site only mentions :
    Standard Battery
    USB Cable/Wall Charger
    User Guides

    Please answer!

  142. avatar rgfcpq says:

    Website is not allowing check out, and the phone order line is keeping me on hold.

    • avatar ranova says:

      i had that problem. If youre at work, it might be because they block external ports (for some reason HTC forwards to port 335). I had to tether off my phone to place my order

      • avatar rgfcpq says:

        Thanks! That solved the problem — I am ordering from work. The phone ordering was worthless — nobody picked up after more than 20 minutes.

  143. avatar Dave Grant says:

    I just placed my order successfully and received a confirmation email, but the order status on HTC’s site says “cancellation requested”. I called my mastercard provider and they said they approved the request. I haven’t received an email from HTC/Let’s Talk since the original confirmation email.

    • avatar CursiveQ says:

      you need to call them and have them reopen your order. this happened to me too.

      • avatar Dave Grant says:

        Called them right away, been on hold 1 hour or more! Geez

        • avatar Dave Grant says:

          Anyone else on hold with letstalk? I’m up to 2+ hours now…

          • avatar Dave Grant says:

            Turns out you need to have a US-issued credit-card. Am trying to buy this for my brother in the US with my Canadian mastercard. Wish this was made more clear. Now to find someone I trust who has a US credit card.

    • avatar Jad B says:

      Make sure your delivery address is registered with the CC issuer.

    • avatar Andrey Chudnov says:

      I had the same problem. I’ve ordered the phone, received an order confirmation. An hour later I get an e-mail from HTC offering a promotional code that is supposed to give free shipping and free case for HTC One. I follow the order status link in the confirmation e-mail to see if I can apply the code there, but instead I find out that the order has been cancelled with a strange reason: “cancellation requested”. Of course I didn’t cancel e-mail. Attempts to contact customer support via phone and e-mail have been unsuccessful so far. I live in the US and have a US-issued card, and my card provider shows that the charge has been approved. So, there’s no reason for the order not to be processed. Big failure HTC, I’m disappointed.

      • avatar Raymond Yung says:

        The problem is with LetsTalk . I went to their website b4 and it look ugly and un-proffesstional. If not because it is “the” HTC store, I will never buy from them…

  144. avatar FreedomCostsPlenty says:

    Wow, purchasing from HTC seems risky. Lot’s of issues.

  145. still i feel need is high MP lens extra to make total 3 camera 2 at back 1 front this may sound stupid but it going to concept as no one want to compromise pixel in day light for night photos

  146. avatar Mklpickle F says:

    Hey, so do we go by the April 19 release date or the shipping dates provided? Just wondering! My shipping date is earlier!

  147. avatar Raymond Yung says:

    Hi, I order the dev edition right after it available in the online store. Couple HOURS later, I get a email from HTC with a “Early Fan” offer that get free case and free shipping!!
    How do I get that now? Do I get penalize for being TOO early??

    • avatar Mklpickle F says:

      Great question. Got the same offer. Would like the free case too!

    • avatar bfbf says:

      Yeah, I think we just paid the price for scrambling too early. I would love to update my order but I’m not seeing any way to do it online.

      • avatar bfbf says:

        I solved this by ordering another one and then calling to cancel the original order. I got the free case, but saw no way to get free shipping. I saw the shipping charge go thru. Then today when I checked my order status online, I saw the shipping charge is now $0.00.

    • avatar Mklpickle F says:

      I finally was able to get someone on the phone (called HTC rather than LetsTalk). Super nice sales person said they have been getting lots of these calls, but can not add in free case, however she stayed on the phone with me, cancelled my order, waited for me to re-order with free case coupon, and approved the order so that I didn’t get the cancellation or need to contact customer service message on the check order status page. I took about 40 minutes of my life (20 min on hold), but I’m getting a $40.00 case for free!

      • avatar Andrey Chudnov says:

        Thank you. What was the number you used to call HTC? I was unable to redeem the code via the checkout page.

        • avatar Mklpickle F says:

          1-866-416-3059 or 800-570-5385….had multiple calls placed!

          • avatar Raymond Yung says:

            the 8005705385 (which is on the order confirmation email) say Samsung LOL…
            I am on hold on the 8664163059 now.
            I think they are both letstalk number..

          • avatar Raymond Yung says:

            Either they change their policy already or I am just unlucky to get this agent … I was told I have to order again with the email and code myself and cancel the original order after….

          • avatar Raymond Yung says:

            My order got cancelled like i expected….. Now have to call and wait AGAIN….

          • avatar branon says:

            My order got cancelled too. No reason provided Does anyone know. Whats going on?

          • avatar Andrey Chudnov says:

            Try checking with your credit card provider that the transaction went through. Otherwise, just wait for a day. My order was cancelled at first, but then miraculously change to “packing” the day after.

    • avatar Eric says:

      I’d put one of these coupons to good use if somebody who is unable to use it would share their code with me. Thank you.

  148. avatar AJ says:

    I was wondering, since this one is unlocked, will I be able to update to android 4.2.2?

  149. yes, use the tools on

  150. avatar Tehpriest says:

    I would have bought a Dev edition if it were available in UK but definitely will not buy a retail version. Seems like USA only are worthy of a dev community.

  151. avatar Raymond Yung says:

    The LetsTalk/HTC store is a joke… According to their summary page, the Dev. edition has micro SD Card slot and no NFC…..

  152. avatar Brian Albarran says:

    Hi Larry, I’m having a heck of a time today trying to order an unlocked version of your new phone via the 866-416-3059. I have been on hold for 1 hour and 13 minutes now. I know you guys are getting slammed with orders today, but I’d like to get clarification on a few things. I really hope you can help clarify: 1) can I use the $100 trade-in offer I signed up for last month, 2) can I use the free case and free shipping code that I received via e-mail earlier today, and 3) what’s the difference (other than the added memory) if I were to purchase the 32GB SIM-unlocked version and later unlocked the bootloader via vs. purchasing the 64GB SIM- and Bootloader-unlocked version? Is the unlocked bootloader the only thing that makes the 64GB version the “developer edition”? Thanks so much, Larry. I really appreciate you answering these questions and how I might place more order today.

    • Hey Brian – yes the trade in offer is good on this phone, you should be able to use the case and shipping code as well. the Dev edition ships bootloader unlocked and is 64 GB. Think carefully about that 32 GB extra storage

    • avatar Raymond Yung says:

      I don’t think it say it anywhere but I called and they told me I CANNOT order with the “Early Fan” code on the phone. It has to be done though the link in the email….

  153. avatar rgfcpq says:

    Larry, I got my early offer email after I placed my order earlier today. Is it too late to get it applied? I tried calling but had to give up on the phone after a half hour. Thanks.

  154. avatar Jad B says:

    Hi Brian, unlocking the bootloader via is free. There is no cost. The added benefit to the 64GB Developer Edition is that it ships unlocked and has double the memory capacity.

  155. Is there any way to use the HTC One on Verizon’s LTE network?

  156. avatar Lito says:

    Anybody know if LTE will work in Canada ?

  157. avatar Kris Senchantixay says:

    If only HTC would put vanilla Android on this. These would be FLYING off the shelves. Guaranteed!!

  158. avatar DJ Scotch says:

    I ordered the 64gb Developer version. I am hoping it works on Verizon or else I have to show my middle finger to VZW and shake hands with ATT

  159. avatar Rony says:

    I was one of the first to pre order the developers edition on Friday and everything was good. I just got and I just checked the status and now it’s saying. One or more items in your order are out of stock.

    Due to high demand, the following product(s) in your order are presently out of stock.
    The expected date for new inventory arriving at our warehouse is displayed below

    Estimated Availability Qty Unit Price Product
    04/09/2013 1 $649.99 HTC One® Developer Edition (Pre-Order Today!)

    • avatar Rony says:

      So what just happened to my order. I was one of the first ones to order exactly when it started taking pre-orders.

    • avatar xarg says:

      Same story

    • You don’t have to do anything. Just be patient and wait.

      • avatar Rony says:

        They had an hold on the amount for the phone and suddenly it’s off today and the funds are back in my account. Is that normal?

        • avatar Bogdan Stetco says:

          As Yokken said on the XDA forum, yes, the charge on your card is just a pre-authorization. It is not an actual charge. It is normal to go away in a few days. It is just to make sure you have the funds. Your card will be fully charged soon before the device actually ships.

        • avatar Bogdan Stetco says:

          oh and btw, my estimated availability is now 04/20/2013 and I’m not solo :) only after the 19th I guess we could star to freak out lol but till then we have to be patient, but don’t ask me how :)

  160. avatar Camilo says:

    out of stock the 32 and 64! can anyone tell me please when they’ll re-stock again?

  161. avatar Camilo says:

    Larry do you know when htc will re stock the 32 unlocked model again? thanks

  162. avatar 梅 凉 says:

    My question is, if I have ordered a 64G phone, how can I use the code in my email for free case and shipping? The case still took me $39.99

  163. avatar Adam says:

    Larry, Can you confirm that although all our pre-orders say at least back ordered until 4/20 maybe some 4/24 that the device WILL ship on 4/18 as planned to pre-order people? We are without confirmation and as the first buyers in the US and those who paid the most for the phone I think we deserve a solid answer…Thanks.

  164. avatar Amos Connelious says:

    Hi guys do you think Htcdev can network unlock HTC one

  165. On HTC’s website it says “HSPA/WCDMA: 850/1900/2100 MHz
    – GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    – LTE: 700/850/AWS/1900 MHz (US)” According to it the phone does come with AWS, which is 1700mHz am i correct? So this should work on T-Mobile and Wind…

    • avatar Raymond Yung says:

      It support LTE AWS, but NOT HSPA/WCDMA AWS

      the problem people complaint is t-mobile is 80% WCDMA AWS and little WCDMA 1900Mhz. T-mobile has not release LTE yet
      Hope this help.

  166. avatar Jimmy Romanos says:

    Will this work on 4G LTE 1800 MHz which is very popular overseas? (If yes, I will place an order now) (if it doesn’t, will there be an international version for LTE 1800 Mhz? )

  167. avatar rgfcpq says:

    Does anyone know if we are supposed to receive the phones on Friday or they ship on/by Friday? I was told by a rep that mine is going to be sent 2 day delivery, which if it ships on Thursday or Friday means I won’t be getting it until next week. Thanks

    • avatar Bogdan Stetco says:

      nobody knows for sure but according to htc’s website first batch will ship out on the 18th and the second batch is expected on the 23rd… we shall see

  168. avatar Akshay Iyengar says:

    I bought this phone to get out of the AT&T contract/high bills crap and to get onto something like T-Mobile, and also, of course, to root it and do things like that with it.. From what I’ve read, I can’t get 4G LTE on this device if I go in for T-Mobile. Can someone please break it down for me, what I can and can’t get with AT&T and T-Mobile? Those two are my only options. Much appreciated. Thank you!

    • avatar Bogdan Stetco says:

      It depends of your area and what coverage they have there.

      • avatar Akshay Iyengar says:

        Well.. I’m in San Jose, CA. So could you please let me know what I get and what I don’t? A lot of ppl seem to saying that it’s useless for T-Mobile.. What’s the verdict?

        • avatar Jad B says:

          For T-Mobile USA, it supports HSPA+ in markets where they enabled 1900MHz. San Jose is already one of these markets. They lit up portions of San Jose with 1900Mhz HSPA+ back in November. It will also support T-Mobile LTE (band 4) when they roll it out. On AT&T, it supports everything.

    • With this “Developer Edition”, you will only be able to access HSPA+21 on 1900 and LTE on 1700. You will not have the ability to use HSPA+42 on 1900 or 1700. HSPA+ on 1700 is not supported. Basically, this is a debranded AT&T phone.

      You’re better off getting the T-Mobile version, which may actually be unlockable to use as a developer phone.

      • avatar Akshay Iyengar says:

        Hmm.. But it’s not available in the 64 GB variant with T-Mobile. I intend using my phone to the fullest! :) And now, its back ordered. Man, if Samsung does not face the same issues HTC is facing, it’ll be huge blowback in HTC’s faces. But it is my understanding that the delay is due to some flooding and the Boston blasts. Really not HTC’s fault this time.

  169. avatar Paul Good says:

    Any idea when let’s talk is actually going to ship these devices? It was supposed to ship today, but now it seems like it’s getting pushed back again because they haven’t received them or at least that is what they are telling people.

  170. avatar Mklpickle F says:

    Larry, for the past two weeks I have been able to check my phone and free case order, be it unavailable, backordered, etc. This morning, my order has disappeared. When I search for it, no error is returned, just blanks out the search fields. Please advise as this is a bit unsettling.

  171. avatar Robert says:

    Does any one know whats going on? My order changed from availavle to unavailable but still backordered. Can someone please help. When are the phones shipping out? Im on my last nerve with this situation

  172. avatar Raymond Yung says:

    Damn, now I can’t even see the order status anymore.

  173. avatar drzizo says:

    I just got this email from HTC:
    “We have an important update about your order. Due to shipping issues with the 32G unlocked and 64G Developers Editions of the New HTC One®, there will be a slight delay in shipping your HTC One® to you. We expect to have your phone delivered to you, via overnight shipping, before the end of April. We’ll do everything we can to get it shipped to you as soon as possible.

    Also, due to overwhelming demand, there will be a delay in shipping your free case. We expect to begin receiving the Double Dip cases in mid-May, and will ship them as soon as they’re available.”

    work of amateurs

  174. The more I use the one, the more I live it!

  175. Hi Vitalie, I am fairly sure I am real – at least on most days. I am traveling this week so I apologize for the slow response. Can you send me your order number to and I will see what i can find out?

  176. avatar Akshay Iyengar says:

    Mine says Picking now. Does somebody already have it shipped?

    • avatar Bogdan Stetco says:

      yup! mine just did :D

      • avatar Akshay Iyengar says:

        Damn it! It was supposed to ship today. Shipping’s now moved to Monday and delivery to Friday from Thursday. I hope I get it before the month ends!

        • avatar Bogdan Stetco says:

          when did you order?

          • avatar Akshay Iyengar says:

            I ordered it a bit later than most guys here.. On the 16th of this month! So it’s only expected, I guess. Would you happen to know if TMobile is a better option or Simple Mobile – which I believe uses AT&T’s network or something like that, for getting on to 4G LTE on this phone?

          • avatar Bogdan Stetco says:

            yeah, it is a bit late indeed… anyway good luck and be patient! I’m pretty sure Simple Mobile is T-Mobile. Can’t tell witch is the best option in your case but I can tell you that I’ll switch from Verizon to AT&T. As I see, AT&T has a better LTE coverage then T-Mobile in NY. I sugest you to ask in the store for coverage and eventually for a speed test.

          • avatar Akshay Iyengar says:

            I saw Simple Mobile’s 4G. It’s HSPA+ for now. No LTE yet. But TMobile already has LTE in CA :) So I’ll probably switch from AT&T to T-Mobile. I’m determined to get out of AT&T. I suggest you don’t go with them coz they charge you an arm, a leg and a liver for their services.

            What I felt really bad about with AT&T is that they are seling the S4 16 GB version for the same price as that of the 32 GB One – $199.99. And, they’re not enforcing the mandatory 5 GB 4G plan that they have on the One. It seems like they don’t want to sell the One as much as they want to sell the S4. That’s one of reasons I’m getting the unlocked version and getting out of AT&T.

          • avatar Bogdan Stetco says:

            I perfectly understand what you are saying. I love freedom as well. Probably Simple Mobile would be a better choice but for me the situation is a bit different (I don’t personally pay my carrier bill, so it doesn’t matter) and that’s why I chose at&t. Regarding the S4… I really don’t care… yes it’s a good phone but the One is better in my opinion. Somehow I understand why this tendance for the S, just think about it for a sec, where are the sheep going?

            Well… :D I can’t wait, tomorrow will be the big day!

          • avatar Akshay Iyengar says:

            All the best and congrats on your purchase! :) Lucky you that you don’t have to pay your own bills!

          • avatar Bogdan Stetco says:

            Thank you! You too! I’ll tell you tomorrow how is it :D

          • avatar Akshay Iyengar says:

            Cool! :) Enjoy your new phone :) When you do get it, that is :P

          • avatar Bogdan Stetco says:

            6:14 A.M. Out For Delivery YEY!

          • avatar Akshay Iyengar says:

            Nice! :) My phone – supposed to ship today, still says Picking. I have a feeling they’re busy picking their noses and not phones!

          • avatar Bogdan Stetco says:

            be patient man! it worth it, trust me! in my opinion is the best phone ever!

          • avatar Akshay Iyengar says:

            What’s your verdict on the phone? The good, bad and ugly of it? And are the power and volume buttons as bad as described in several reviews?

          • avatar Bogdan Stetco says:

            I can tell you that the phone is awesome! I don’t really wanna talk too much about what goon on it because everything is great on this phone: speakers (blasting!), screen (super sharp), audio call is perfect, camera is super nice in low light conditions, the front facing camera is wide angle and when I say wide, trust me is really wide and you don’t have to do arm stretching each time when you try to take a picture of yourself and your gf/bf, the material quality is fantastic, I love how it feels when you hold it in your hand (lots of my coworkers were impressed! I did a good job advertising it lol just kidding), it’s fast and smooth, Sense is nice too (I like Sense, this is subjective). The IR shooter is super duper cool! The bad: not really sure how bad it is but because is has only 4 mega pixels you probably will notice not a so sharp picture if you compare it to some other phones but I think it’s a good trade off, taking steady pictures in the dark, having great pictures in good light and taking blurry pictures or dark pictures in low light conditions, sharper pictures in good light conditions. I would definitely love a bigger battery, it’s ok but not enough. The issue reported by others regarding the physical buttons… I don’t know.. I don’t see the problem, it’s fine for me, I think they are too picky. I think that’s it. Oh, it doesn’t make coffee in the morning lol. Man, I love this phone, is the best phone I ever had. Oh a funny thing, yesterday a colleague (non techie girl) was like: wow what is this? is the new iphone 5s? this phone is so pretty! LOL so funny!

          • avatar Akshay Iyengar says:

            Nice :) I’m not much for taking pics anyways – one major factor that swung me from the S4 to the One, apart from other things, of course. I’ve had a girl mistake my almost 2 yr old Inspire 4G for the new iPhone, so that just proves how good HTC makes its phones look! :P But I hated it when she compared it to the crappy iPhone! :D

          • avatar Bogdan Stetco says:

            Haha! Yeah I agree with you!

          • avatar Akshay Iyengar says:

            Nice :) Enjoy the phone :) As far as the iPhone thing goes, I’ve been through the same thing, except that my phone is a lowly Inspire 4G! :P

  177. avatar kevin hundon says:

    Anyone want to design a case for the one?simply just protect four corners and leave her body for looking,touching….

    • avatar Bogdan Stetco says:

      I’ve seen one similar to your description. It’s like a rubber band around phone’s edges. Don’t remember the name though… Check on xda.

  178. Hey larry I got a question, I just want to get this straight, so if you bought a 32gb unlocked version htc one and im currently a tmobile customer I wont be able to get HSPA+ nor AWS (which I believe is 3G) so basically ill have straight up have EDGE (2G) speed until tmobile release LTE?

  179. @Larry so I checked my order status and it said my estimate delivery date is april 29th, which sucks but my question is would the stores (att, tmobile, sprint) receive the phone first then us? And if so I didnt ser the point in pre ordering it, if I could just bought it straight from the store.

  180. Will this come in black?

  181. avatar Joseph Chen says:

    Is Tethering enabled for this Developer Edition?

  182. avatar drzizo says:

    Finally my HTC One has arrived today…charging the battery right now

  183. avatar VonArmitage says:

    HTC – Quietly brilliant ->
    HTC – Quietly stealing

  184. avatar mklpickle Follante says:

    Ok, so I have an ATT One and a Dev One. Both are connecting to LTE, however the ATT One is more stable and not fluctuating from HSPA back to LTE like the Dev One. ATT One is showing a better signal strength. Aside from how many “bars” are showing (which I know is irrelevant), I’m worried about battery usage and also DL speeds. The ATT One gets 21mbps consistently whereas the Dev One gets 5 mbps consistently (Tested multiple times with the same microSim in the same place, rebooted prior to testing). Is anyone else seeing poor LTE utilization where it use to not be an issue?

    • avatar fr3quency says:

      I received my Dev Ed today and I tested your findings right away with my brother’s AT&T One. It appears to be getting the same DL speeds on AT&T’s LTE network. The signal “bars” appears to be solid on mine, I did not notice any fluctuations that is out of the ordinary.

    • avatar Bogdan Stetco says:

      are you sure you have LTE enabled on your dev phone? I have my dev on att too but it’s working fine.

    • avatar mklpickle Follante says:

      Yes, I have LTE enabled. Yes I verified APN settings match my ATT version. Yes, I’ve tried resetting phone and adding APN manually.
      The phone wouldn’t show LTE at all if it wasn’t enabled.
      I am returning it today.

    • avatar Bogdan Stetco says:

      can you see the LTE icon in the status bar?

    • avatar Jad B says:

      I experience faster LTE speeds on the Dev edition testing in New York City. Avg was over 30mbps. What city are you in?

    • avatar Harish Kumar says:

      hey some one told me that Dev one has an Yellowish tint when compared to ATT One
      Is it true?

    • avatar T Fearless says:

      I’m experiencing a related issue…. Purchased the Dev Edition and using on T-Mobile’s network but I’m not able to use the data while making a phone call. When my call is connected the mobile network drops from HSDPA/HSPAP to GPRS instantly and my data connection is lost…so no surfing the net, sending/receiving email, chatting, etc simultaneously while on a phone call. And although I have 5 full bars and the Mobile Data setting is still set to On it reads underneath, “Disconnected because service is unavailable”. I have always been able to talk and use data simultaneously on T-Mobile’s network with all of my previous HTC Android phones for the past 4 years. What is wrong with this version??? PS, I live in NYC and when I landed from my trip today I was successful at making a phone call while syncing email and surfing the net but only while I was standing still in front of the Laguardia Airport. When I got in the car and began driving the network again began fluctuating from 3G, Edge, HSDPA and HSPAP and dropped to GPRS once I made a phone call. Can anyone shed any light? Thanks.

  185. Why is it that my endless calls, emails and facebook posts have been met with silence?

    Is it such a hard question to ask if the phone will work in Australia ?

    I think not, so why a week on, has not one of my requests been answered?

    HTC, I own two of your phones and am trying to buy a third.

    Is it too much to ask someone at HTC to help me with a few simple answers ?

    • avatar Bogdan Stetco says:

      probably because it’s simple to verify, check the bands that your carrier works on and and compare it with your htc. Keep in mind, it’s a GSM phone.

    • avatar Jad B says:

      Depending on which operator you use in Australia, it would support some networks such as HSPA/WCDMA: 850/2100 MHz. Telstra and Vodafone should support it. To my knowledge it would not support any LTE in Australia, since the operators there use LTE 1800/2300.


  187. avatar Akshay Iyengar says:

    Hi Larry, I emailed you instead of posting here about my order, but I am yet to receive a reply from you. Please check your email and please tell me when my phone might arrive. Thank you!

  188. avatar dcpnz says:

    Wow HTC really???
    You sell unlocked One’s (and and Developer edition) that won’t work on the only network that really makes sense for most people to bring an unlocked phone to?
    Please explain the thought process behind that genius move.

  189. avatar sanluca says:

    Hi, can someone explain me if this phone will work on Colombia South America?

  190. avatar Rebecca Dober says:

    My family bought several of the Developer edition (3 actually) but I must say, I really wish HTC will put in a larger battery (3000) or at least have a removable back so I can replace the battery. The phone is amazing except that I am constantly getting really concern about the battery life.

  191. How about a UK version.

  192. avatar Jason Christ says:

    I am trying to set up 64G Developers Editions on San Francisco’s T-mobile network to work on wi-fi calling and the feature is not on this phone. Does anyone know how i can install this feature ? wi-fi calling is pre-installed on the t-mobile version of the one and works great with my t-mobile plan on my Sensation 4g.

    • avatar T Fearless says:

      I have the EXACT same question…. It would be nice if we could actually get a response to this. I did find the WiFi Calling App on XDA Developers but it didn’t work when I installed it. Everytime I tried to open the app it said, “WiFi calling has stopped working” (or something of the sort. I’ve uninstalled it and can’t remember the exact verbiage but I’m pretty sure that’s the error I received.) Someone Please assist us. Thanks :)

  193. avatar spirit says:

    when will the developers edition come out in black ?

  194. avatar Harish Kumar says:

    can any one tell me if i order htc one developer edition from htc usa website

    wen am actually supposed to receive it?

    i am from South Carolina

  195. avatar TechGuy says:

    Can’t order these in the UK. Looking to one of these rather than the Samsung Galaxy S4

  196. avatar disqus_C3ckGydVFn says:

    Will the 32gb unlocked version work with Mexico’s carriers?? (telcel, Movistar)

  197. avatar egel carigma says:

    Will this this work on 32gb or 64 gb 4g tmobile in anaheim ca or orange county?

  198. avatar Garraro says:

    HTC One Dev Edt. I have been still waiting since 30th May, please tell me when I get the phone. and also I paid for the 2 day shipping option :((((((((

  199. avatar Miracle Zhou says:

    It will

  200. avatar Garraro says:

    I bought developer edition, but may I use in different countries (not USA) with 3G or 2G

  201. will this phone work in LTE Saudi Arabia (STC Network)?

  202. avatar Akshay Iyengar says:

    Hi! I got my phone last week and was wondering if I could still do the trade in. Apparently, HTC has a weekend trade in offer. I applied for a trade in through that and chose the option which said that I’d already purchased my phone (as opposed to yet to buy). I’m awaiting the email from HTC confirming my ID and stuff, but will it still hold? And who pays for shipping and packaging? If valid, how do I pack and send my old phone? Do I need to include the charger as well? Jad/Larry, please let me know. Thanks!

    PS: The BoomSound is mind blowing! Camera is okay-okay.. Not too big on cameras anyways.. The sound, however.. Its like having Bose headphones on your ears, but from the outside.. Amazing amazing phone.. Really happy with purchase and HTC.. Live ON!!!!

  203. avatar Carl says:

    Help Me Please!!
    I bought my new ‘ONE’ from Russia, i am now trying to use it in Thailand. I have a 3G package set up with the provider (DTAC) on prepaid. The frequency is at 850MHz. however i can only pick up the EDGE network. I’ve been back and forth with HTC and the Provider, and i still cannot get 3G… Can anyone out there give me any clues/solutions.
    Thanks in advance

  204. avatar Alex says:

    Will this work in UK (if I buy in US while I am travelling through)?

  205. Hi.i’m buying a htc one dev edition from San Francisco.Will it work on Indian Operators.I am using Aircel ……
    will i be able to use Aircel’s 3G?

  206. avatar Adam says:

    Does HTC plan on addressing the AT&T signal strength LTE issue on the DEV version. It has not only been proven that the show of singal is better on the ATT but a REAL difference in speed exists even with the same radio baseband. So something in the ROM for the international and dev versions differs to the branded ATT version. We need a fix for the masses of people who purchased the DEV phone for ATT since we assumed that is the one network we wont have problems with. LTE is 1/2 speed on average even with a branded sitting right next to it. Forget bars, I am talking real DL/UL speeds. We need HELP!

  207. If I buy a T-mobile HTC One (which supports AWS 1700/2100) from the states, and unlock it – would I be able to use it with Wind/Mobilicity in Canada?

  208. avatar Irene says:

    I have an HTC One S right now and LOVE it. Only down fall is memory. Would love to get this one in 64g if possible for a trip to paris and greece (mainland plus greek islands) this summer. Does anyone know if it will work in those to 2 areas of the world?

  209. i have my one….. i just wish that it will be ok to load pure android on it…. its the best….

  210. avatar Basbot says:

    Hi, when will HTC release the dev. edition in europe (germany)?
    I`m waiting, but i`m not gonna wait forever ;-)

  211. avatar Leon Wang says:

    It doesn’t make any sense that “HTC one Developer Edition” only can get “IN” the USA, not anyother place/country. neither even in Taiwan, the home base of HTC.
    Yes, you can get it from ebay for $1000.00 to $1500.00 (1.5 to 2.3 times price) to ship to any country.
    is that mean HTC try to let USA people make profit during the re-sell???

  212. avatar vndergrovnd says:

    please make a black version of this phone!!

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